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Why Auto-Complete is Better than SEO, PPC & Angie Leads (3-Min. Video Reveals how to 10X Your Sales)
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Understanding 🎯 Search Box Optimization

SBO positions your company first in the predictive search feature on Microsoft Bing, YouTube, and Google Search for valuable search term terms. Simply put, you capture your customers’ before they even view your competitors.

FACT: Search engines reports about seventy-one percent of internet users check the auto-suggest links. And that’s exactly the place your business shall be!

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* Have the Search Engines Suggest You Every Time *

Who Else Wants More Phone Calls, More Sales, More Customers and More Revenue?

Cheaper than SEO, PPC & Angie Leads—a costeffective way to take 100% of the eyeballs 👀 💰 Because You’ll Become EXCLUSIVE!


The SBO Advantage 😃(Search Box Optimization) for Bing, Google & Youtube

Dominate the auto-complete field for your most profitable keywords and be the first provider your clients see!

What SBO-Advantage Users Say ✍️

“I got a bunch of calls saying they found me on Bing. I received 8 new jobs the first month on Bing from the autocomplete. I am so excited, and my business has gotten much busier!”

Mr. Robert
Junk Valet

“We opted to get as many keyword phrases as possible so we could own the search market. We are extremely happy. They deliver the results they promise.”

Mr. Jesse
Dallas Mortgages
* Be in Front of Your Customer on Every Search *

The Amazing Benefits 🚀 of Search Box Optimization and Auto-Complete

Superior than search engine optimization, PPC & Angie’s Leads—a economical way to capture 100% of the eyeballs 👀 before they even get to a search results page!

What SBO-Advantage Clients Affirm ✍️

“SBO is extremely important for our company because our marketing costs were getting out of control. I started with 5 areas and because of the success of the Search Box Optimization Program, I’m going to expand to more areas.”

HomeTown Restoration

“We are very thankful Carl approached us on this program. It changed our mind completely on BING. Now we’re running a major PPC campaign on Bing because of the number of searches and expanding to 40 areas with SBO.”

Taylor’s Impressive Carpet Care
No, This is Not Hype or Marketing Pressure (It’s Just the Way it Is)

Warning 👋 Only One Company Will Rule the Search Box—It’s Either You or Your Competition—Don’t Miss Out!

* Ahead of Your Competition Learns Concerning SBO *

Chat-GPT Boosting 🎯 Bing

I am sure you recognize that AI is here to stay. Due to Open-AI and their alliance with Microsoft Bing, the formerly ignored search tool saw a 550 percent increase in January 2023.

SBO = Cost Effective 💰

Here is the spintax version of the given sentence:

Save on costly billboards, pay-per-click advertisements, online marketing, and search engine optimization. After customers click your autocomplete link, you will dominate the entire front page of the search results!

Bing US Desktop Market Share Spikes by 550% in January 2024 to 17.21% of the Market

Commence Immediately and Capture Your Most Important Search Terms!

Position yourself in front of your clients on each search. This one-of-a-kind marketing platform sets you apart from your competition.

Be the initial option your customers view!

Be the business your customers locate at first when they look for your item or offer.

Own the First Page of Search Results (Here’s How It Works)

We guarantee that the complete initial page of findings reveals only your business—exclusive visibility! Exclusive Tech: our exclusive SBO innovation offers an individual the competitive edge, offering an individual an unique edge that nobody else offers.

  • Attract new customers and surpass your competitors!
  • Position Your company In front of Each Customer Searching for Your business on Yahoo, Vimeo & Bing.
  • Budget-friendly solutions designed for specific demands.
  • Constant assistance as well as monthly reviews.
  • Compatible for all desktop platforms and also cellular devices.
Don’t Miss Out!

Certainly! Here’s the spintax version of the paragraph: Move quickly Right away—Once an Keyword Phrase becomes Grabbed by Your personal Competition, it’s Lost!

  • Choose|Select|Pick} the optimal keywords that your personal consumers employ to find you (we’ll help you).
  • Each time somebody searches for these kinds of key phrases on search engines, YT & Google, the brand is going to emerge.
  • Cut expenditures on the paid advertising campaigns by leading consumers right to the web page.
  • Boost your digital credibility as consumers look for your personal brand by title.
Ready for More Sales?

It’s Easy to Get Started

  • Our own software is actually designed being easy and inexpensive, ensuring everyone could exploit this particular engineering to attract more consumers.
  • Rest confident, we by no means market your own chosen keyword terms to anybody else. As soon as you protected a search term expression, it’s exclusively yours—your own competition will not have got accessibility to it.
  • The process is actually easy: pick the key phrases that push client traffic, and we manage every thing else.
  • Any person searching your search term expression will certainly find you, regardless of where they are usually in the world.

World-Class Support

Obtain regular updates and in-depth reports on your campaign’s growth. You’ll be notified every time your key phrases emerge on Google, YouTube, or Bing, ensuring you’re ready to welcome new customers.

Furthermore, when you purchase a keyword expression, it is the property of solely to you. Your competition will not hold gain access to it, ensuring your brand maintains its challenging edge.

Attention 🔥 Go Local or National!

Local SBO Advantage

If you are an local company ready to outshine your competition, the Local Autocomplete-Optimization system is available to help. Position your company before possible clients searching for your particular services and products in your locality. Enable us assist you in deploying a program to capture the optimal key terms used by your community customer base.

National SBO Advantage

Should the business operates across the nation or even offers solutions for customers across the country, the National Autocomplete-Optimization promotion program could boost the presence to thousands of potential clients every month. Let us work with you to tailor a promotion program that drives new company effectively.

Watch this Short Revealing Video:

3 Steps to Search Box Domination

Get Started with Step #1 Under this Video


Reserve Your Most Effective Keyword Phrases

Once we confirm the availability of your chosen keywords, a single deposit ensures exclusive rights to each keyword.


We Optimize the Leading Search Engines to Feature Your Brand First

You pay nothing again, until one of your keywords dominates Bing’s auto-complete.


Search Box Domination In About 30-45 Days

We track & report all your new keyword search traffic & you get more phone calls & sales!

Step #1 Check Availability and Reserve Your Most Effective Keyword Phrases

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What They Say About SBO-Advantage ✍️

“I got a bunch of calls saying they found me on Bing. I received 8 new jobs the first month on Bing from the autocomplete. I am so excited, and my business has gotten much busier!”

Mr. Robert
Junk Valet

“We opted to get as many keyword phrases as possible so we could own the search market. We are extremely happy. They deliver the results they promise.”

Mr. Jesse
Dallas Mortgages

Need More Convincing?

Remember in consideration: It is not simply a tactical approach to seize every bit of the of the attention 👀 as well as even more inexpensive than search engine optimization, PPC, and also lead leads—it is also Exclusive!

Do I need continue paying while we wait for our company to show up in auto-complete?

No, you won’t pay another fee after your first deposit to reserve keywords until one of your selected terms shows up in auto-complete.

How soon will our company appear in auto-complete?

You can expect to see your company in Bing within 30-60 days and on YouTube, and in Google within 60-180 days.

Will my business show up in mobile searches?

Yes, your business will appear on any device in Google, YouTube, and Bing.

How Do I Start?

We simplified the process to 3 steps. Just fill the form above to do step #1 and get started now.

Why Choose The RankingYou Agency?

We strive to provide the highest quality marketing services available. With our unique marketing product we provide fast results for our customers. We tailor our approach to each client, aiming to cultivate a productive, enduring partnership. If you have any questions about our marketing program, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you promptly.

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